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  • Efficient Design in Space Planning
  • Access to available inventory of multiple brands
  • Installation in the Greater Seattle Area
  • Excellent Customer Service

We do complete liquidations and moves in the Greater Seattle area.

With professional ethics and doggedness we stick with the job until you are satisfied.

Our Reputation is at stake and that's something we value.

Your business is growing and you need a location and office furniture befitting your station -- something that says
"first among peers."
You want a location that feels right to your staff, and office furniture that fits the site while conveying a professional image. Your budget is tight, but adequate. The space you have located is a bit smaller than hoped for but the ambience and amenities are right for your business.  You have priced new furniture but it will not fit in your budget, while big box store furniture meets the need for economy but is not durable and screams CHEAP to your clientele. You need cubicles, office chairs, desks, conference tables and chairs, a reception desk, and the office accessories that will increase efficiency.  Your goal is a well organized use of floor space so that ideas, work and people, flow efficiently through the space, boosting productivity and profitability.  How do you make that happen?

Call Ergo Business Solutions now for your best experience acquiring quality used office furniture.

We Offer

Used Office Furniture in Seattle, Space Planning And Installation

At ERGO Business Solutions we buy, sell, and broker top quality used office furniture in Seattle:  cubicles, desks, file cabinets, seating and more -- used offices 4 less!

In addition to providing discount office furniture, we do office liquidations, corporate moves, and offer the option of new furniture in contemporary styles.

Ergo Business Solutions

used offices 4 less


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